Class will out: New undermounts A Class

Styleboiler, storage tanks manufacturer company that already produced many undermounts models, increases its efficiency and expands its products’ range.

Do you remember when you came back home after school, and you were happy because you got the highest mark? Well, that’s exactly how you should feel when you’re buying a new tank for your house.

Tanks are ranked based on their heat loss, which is the amount of heat dispersed over time.

True class is a rare commodity, that’s why the new ISSWTA undermounts deserve an A.

Low energetic dispersions guarantee the high comfort of hot water with less waste: in fact, we’re talking about components studied for state-of-the-art heating systems and buildings and everyone who always wants the best out of any energy source, be it conventional or renewable.

The hydraulic connections in the upper part allow an easy and quick installation, can be matched with any gas boiler off-the-shelf; besides, its small installation surface allows to save precious space inside the utility room.

The indirect cylinder is easily placed under the wall-hung boiler and its optimized insulation with polyurethane foam holds the energy at the source, inside the tank. To give you an idea of the amount of saved energy, just think that the heat loss of the new version it’s about 40% less than the one of the DHW tanks with conventional insulation: thanks to this feature of excellency, we have class-leading products for energetic efficiency class, according to the ErP Ecodesign directives.

The new ISSWTA A CLASS tanks’ range can be requested at the best wholesaler and plumbing stores from July 2021 and it is available with fixed coil, in the models 120 and 160 liters.


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